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Your straight-shootin' destination for frozen South African Tex-Mex food and related sauces, chips and other hand-picked goodies.

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¡alto ahí!
Don't ride past these specialties!

We've got unique, signature homemade sauces, guacamole, organic corn chips and other unique Tex-Mex style items that are sure to become household favourites.
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Limited edition special sauces. Pricing on request.
Santa Annas organic corn chips hard taco shells & soft corn tortillas (14cm).

Chips: R44 for 250g.
Taco shells: 10 shells for R77.
Soft tortillas: pack of 10 for R44
Senor Onion exclusive fillings & sauces.

Chili concarne, salsa, beans and chicken mince.

Sold in 350g tubs as shown or 1 kg containers. Pricing available on request.
Avocado pulp guacamole. R130/kg
Edible baskets - great for holding desserts and savoury fillings alike! Pricing on request; Large, Medium & Canape sizes available.
Dam Fine chipotle products. Priced from R60.
Pickled Jalapenos and homemade salsa. Priced from R30.
Dry beans, canned refried beans and bean salad all available from Señor Onion, starting from R40.
Crispy chicpeas savoury snacks! Eat them as they are or add them as a garnish to salads and other dishes. Either way, it must be cautioned that they are highly addictive!

R33 for 300g.

Where it all started

Guns blazed. Dust flew. Smoke filled the air. At least a dozen burritos lay wasted in the muddy street. Someone had to do something, but who?

Read our story (though we admit it's not quite as interesting as a gunfight) and find out where Senor Onion Mexican Deli began.

Read our story

Where can you find us in Somerset west?

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